Ankur Nagpal

Ankur Nagpal

Ankur Nagpal is the Founder and CEO of Carry Wealth, a company designed to help business owners and self-employed people learn how to grow their wealth through educational products and financial services. Prior to starting Carry, he founded Teachable (acquired by Hotmart in 2020) and is an investor in 100+ companies through his VC fund, Vibe Capital. You can connect with him on X here.

solo 401k real estate
Solo 401k
January 22, 2024
How To Invest In Real Estate With A Solo 401k

OVERVIEW Purchasing real estate through a retirement account like the solo 401k can be extremely tax-advantageous. Not only do you get tax deferrals until you retire, you also get tax-free withdrawals if you purchase through a Roth solo 401k. In other words, you don’t pay tax on any rental income that your property makes, you don’t pay […]

Solo 401k
October 11, 2023
Solo 401k Contribution Types Explained

One of the biggest advantages of a solo 401k is that you have more flexibility in how you contribute to your plan. However, this can also cause some confusion if you’re making contributions for the first time. When you open a solo 401k plan, you’ll see several contribution types. If you’re unsure what each one […]

Solo 401k
October 11, 2023
Solo 401k Contribution Calculator for 2023

Use our solo 401k contribution calculator to determine how much you can contribute into your solo 401k for the 2023 tax year. For a quick overview on the different contribution types, limits, and rules for a solo 401k, watch the video below before getting started. How to use the solo 401k contribution calculator Step 1: […]

Company Updates
October 05, 2023
Ocho has rebranded to Carry

A year ago, we started Ocho with the mission of helping business owners build wealth. It’s been an incredible 12 months – we’ve grown to a team of 10 people supporting 500+ business owners who have invested millions of dollars with us. But as our platform and ambitions have grown, we found ourselves looking for […]

controlled group
Retirement +1 Solo 401k
September 25, 2023
Solo 401k Controlled Group Rules for Multiple Business Interests

Understanding controlled group rules are important for business owners with multiple business interests. Controlled group rules exist to prevent business owners from offering themselves a retirement plan, like a solo 401k, through a side business, without offering any retirement benefits to their employees. Controlled group rules, especially affiliated service rules, are complex, but can be […]

Business +1 Taxes
August 17, 2023
QSBS and QSBS Stacking Explained: How It Works, Limits, and Eligibility

Qualified Small Business Stock Exemption (QSBS) is one of the powerful tax breaks for small business and startup founders, investors, and employees with equity. It can allow you to completely avoid taxes when selling appreciative assets (like your equity or business), if it’s QSBS eligible. QSBS allows you to avoid taxes on up to $10 […]

August 10, 2023
Can You Invest In Alternative Assets with a Retirement Plan?

Overview What is an alternative asset? Alternative assets, also referred to as alternative investments, are any financial assets that aren’t stocks, bonds, or cash. Common alternative assets include real estate, cryptocurrencies, and private equity. Typically, you cannot invest in alternative assets with most regular retirement plans offered by major financial institutions. To invest in alternative […]

August 10, 2023
The Augusta Rule: Rent Out Your Home For Tax-Free Rental Income

The Augusta Rule is one of the biggest tax loopholes for business owners. It’s so good that it almost feels illegal. Here’s how it works. Your business can pay you rent to use your own home for a work event for up to 14 days a year. It’s entirely tax-free income to you as the […]

August 08, 2023
The Best Retirement Plan Options for Freelancers

A staggering 36% of the US workforce were employed as freelancers in 2022, and this number is expected to grow to 50% by 2027. Out of 164.3 million people in the US labor force, 70.4 million have stated they worked as freelancers either full-time or as a part-time side hustle on top of their day […]

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