Recurring Contributions

Recurring Contributions & Automated Investing

Put your retirement savings on autopilot by setting up recurring contributions for any Carry retirement account. You can even set up your contributions to be invested automatically through an automated account.

Set up automatic deposits to any Carry account recurring daily, monthly, or quarterly.

With an automated account, you can also set up automatic investing.

Or choose to invest your account using our no-fee robo-advisor.

Put your retirement savings on autopilot

If you receive a 401k plan at work, you’re likely already using recurring contributions and automated investments. When you set up the plan, you decided what percentage of your paycheck you want automatically deposited into your 401k plan, and where it should get invested. Your retirement savings grow on autopilot without you having to remember to deposit money into your plan every month.

Carry makes the same option available for all retirement plans like your IRAs and solo 401k, and it takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

Here’s how it works

  1. Determine how much you want to contribute.
  2. Set your preferred frequency. You can set recurring contributions to occur daily, monthly, or quarterly.
  3. Choose your bank you want your deposits to come from.

With an automated account, you can set up your recurring contributions to be invested automatically into the investments of your choice or into a portfolio built for you by our no-fee robo-advisor.

Why automated investing works

Grows your retirement savings on cruise control

Many people view investing as intimidating and complicated, especially when it comes to retirement plans. The best way to simplify it is through setting it once, and eliminating the need to make constant decisions about when and how much to invest. Steady contributions can also be more effective in reaching your investment goals and growing your net worth faster than trying to make lump sum payments. When you invest with the mindset of investing “whatever you can” at the end of each month, it’s easy to go months without having made any investment at all.

Removes the temptation to overspend

It’s easy to accidentally overspend when the money is sitting in your bank account, or you may even be tempted to put away a little less to splurge on an impulse purchase. Automation forces you to invest first and spend what’s left, enforcing good financial behaviour.

Gives you more time and less stress

Automation eliminates the need to decide when and how much to invest. You only need to make the decision once, and it’ll automatically occur each day, month, or quarter without you having to manually transfer money to your account. You’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy and not have to stress about whether you’re saving as much as you should. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll never miss an investment opportunity without any extra effort on your part.