Launch Day Email

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Launch Day Email

Sup fam,

A few weeks ago, I tweeted that most entrepreneurs are just failed athletes looking for some other place to channel their competitive energy. Taking that analogy one step further, launch day is as close we’ll ever get to replicating the sensation of game day.

Well, it’s mf game day today. We’re excited, kinda nervous and ready to get on the field.

Carry is now fully live and customers can now self-serve onboard and set up their solo401k plan. They can also make their election (i.e. deciding how much they want to put in for this tax year) – both of which need to be completed by December 31st to be effective for this tax year.

I would love your help getting the word out. You are under absolutely no obligation to do so; we’d just super appreciate it.

Pick your favorite channel(s?) and help amplify the linked post here:

We’re also live on TechCrunch. And if you wanna start your own Solo401k, no time like today!

– Ankur

P.S. We’re at 32 paying customers right now, guess how many we’ll have by the time our party starts tomorrow at 9pm. Mystery prize (aka I need to come up with something) for whoever gets closest!