Update #14 – September 2023

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Update #14 – September 2023


An investor update on the 5th of the month? Sacrilegious.

But this was held back for good reason. Excited to announce that we rebranded from Ocho to Carry.

Why make this change? A perfect storm of reasons including but not limited to a petulant trademark lawsuit, a maturing of our ambition and a rebrand being a good luck charm after Teachable. But, our blog post has the full scoop.


MRR: $17,548 (+3%)^^
Customers: 538 (+3%)
AUM: <redacted>
Runway: 23 months
^^ We also made an additional ~$9K in one-off revenue from one of our webinars!

What Happened Last Month

  • Candidly, it was a slow af month. We grew 35% last month, and barely ~3% this month. We also had a bunch of the team out of the office and things overall felt slower than they should at this stage.
  • We see continued strong demand for Ocho Black Carry VIP – we haven’t onboarded new people yet since we’re still figuring out how to best serve these customers, but it’s definitely an encouraging sign and we can ramp this up from a sales perspective when we want.
  • We onboarded our first customer on a defined benefit / cash balance plan. This is a more advanced type of retirement plan for business owners, but can help people stash away 6 figures+ year. More details on how it works here. We have a waitlist of people who want to use this, but we’re figuring out how to roll it out since it’s more complicated than a Solo401k.

What’s Happening This Month

  • Rebrand
  • We built a dope free tool we’re launching next week: Decode.tax. You can upload your tax return – we’ll automatically analyze it, show you exactly what’s going on and give you suggestions on how you can save money on your taxes. Give it a spin and share feedback, we’re launching it publicly next Thursday, October 12.
  • The last two months of the year are going to be mad busy as it’s when people wake up and think about how to save on 2023 taxes. We have a ton of workshops and education going out – and will be partnering with lots of people who have an audience of business owners or professionals looking to lower their tax bill. First workshop is on October 18.

How You Can Help

  • Help amplify our rebrand: TwitterLinkedinInstagram
  • We’re going to be doing a lot more podcasts / webinars / appearances towards the end of the year to talk about strategies people can use to pay less money in 2023 taxes – let me know anyone we should connect or partner with.

– Ankur