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Financial Forecast Template

Forecasting helps us map out what our financial situation will be like. The goal is to validate if our business model makes sense from a financial standpoint. It gives you an idea of your potential for growth and making money.

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What’s Inside?

Whether you run a 7-figure business or a small weekend side hustle, financial forecasting helps you to predict how your business will perform financially in the future. It helps you to plan ahead, set expectations and goals, make smarter decisions, and is necessary to have if you ever decide to raise funding for your business. Investors want to see your growth projections before they can decide they want to give you any money.

Any business owner or self-employed individual can make a financial forecast. While some methods of forecasting can be complex, creating a simple forecast doesn’t require a business or accounting degree, as much of it relies on just looking at your numbers, and making smart estimations and predictions.

This template was created by Lorilyn Wilson, CPA & Instructor of Carry’s Taxes & Accounting Foundations For Business Owners course. You can access it free by downloading a copy below, and we’ll also send you the accompanying video lesson from the course as well.

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