Ankur Nagpal

Ankur Nagpal

Ankur Nagpal is the Founder and CEO of Carry Wealth, a company designed to help business owners and self-employed people learn how to grow their wealth through educational products and financial services. Prior to starting Carry, he founded Teachable (acquired by Hotmart in 2020) and is an investor in 100+ companies through his VC fund, Vibe Capital. You can connect with him on X here.

self employed retirement plans
August 08, 2023
Retirement Plan Options For Business Owners & The Self-Employed

Self-employed individuals and business owners have access to a wide variety of special retirement plan options designed specifically for them. There are five different retirement accounts you can choose from. While a traditional or Roth IRA can be opened by anyone with earned income, the solo 401k, SEP IRA, and SIMPLE IRA are only for business […]

August 07, 2023
Retirement Plan Options for YouTubers, Influencers, and Creators

The creator economy is booming. In a 2022 survey, 30% of surveyed 18 to 24 year olds and 40% of 25 to 34 year olds considered themselves as content creators. In total, about 200 million people worldwide considered themselves as creators. But while the rise of solopreneurs is a positive thing, many creators are wondering […]

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