Open a Solo 401k

A Completely Reimagined Solo 401k Experience

The Carry Solo 401k gives business owners the biggest tax advantages of any retirement plan. Contribute up to $66,000 and invest in any asset class through your solo 401(k) plan with tax-free compounding.

A retirement account unlike the rest

Packed with the perfect combination of powerful tax-saving features to save you time, lower your taxes, and build wealth for retirement. The best part? Everything runs automatically or with just a few clicks within the app.

Highest contribution limits

The Solo 401k has the highest contribution limit of any retirement plan type ($66,000 for 2023).

Total investment freedom

Invest in any asset class including stocks and ETFs, or alternative assets like crypto, NFTs, real estate, or private equity.

Tax-free compounding

Pay zero taxes on any income or profits generated from your investments. 100% of your profits go straight back into your account.

A Supersized Roth account

With a Roth account, withdrawals in retirement are completely tax-free. Contribute up to $22,500 through the Carry Roth Solo 401k for 2023.

Largest tax deductions

You can get a tax deduction of up to $66,000 for 2023 by making your entire contribution with pre-tax dollars.

Integrated brokerage accounts

No need to go out and open separate brokerage accounts. Easily open retirement plan brokerage accounts within Carry.

Freedom to choose

In addition to investing through the Carry app, your Carry Solo 401k plan allows you to open accounts at third party banks or brokerages for full checkbook control.

Unlimited rollovers

Fund your account by rolling over an unlimited amount of funds and assets from any other retirement plan that you already own (except a Roth IRA).

Bigger Tax-Saving Features, More Automations

The Carry Solo 401k comes built with more advanced features to save you money on taxes.

Mega Backdoor Roth (in clicks)

Carry has full support if you want to implement a mega backdoor Roth Solo 401k, which allows you to put up to $66,000 into a Roth account for 2023.

Advanced tax strategy

Invest In Alternative Assets

In addition to stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs, the Carry Solo 401k makes it super simple to invest in alternative investments like crypto, real estate, and private startups. And if you’re not sure how it works, we’ll show you exactly how to do it, step-by-step.

Save & Invest on Autopilot

Prefer hands-off investing? The Carry Solo 401k comes with the option to automate everything. You can set up recurring deposits and investments, and your Solo 401k can grow entirely on autopilot.

Borrow up to $50,000 from your account

With the Carry Solo 401k, you can borrow up to 50% of your account value up to $50,000. No credit checks, no lengthy application processes, and you can use the funds for whatever you like as long as you pay it back within 5 years.

Zero AUM Fees

Carry’s mission is to save you money on taxes, and help you build more wealth into retirement. Charging AUM fees achieves the opposite of that. And that’s why we eliminated them completely.

The help you need, when you need it

Navigating retirement plans is a critical matter that deserves the highest levels of customer support. We make sure every Carry customer is in compliance, up to date with IRS regulations, and informed to make important tax-saving decisions in a timely manner.

Ready to get started?

Say goodbye to paper forms and waiting weeks for plan approval. With Carry, you can set up your plan, deposit money, invest, take out loans, or rollover funds straight from your dashboard in under 10 minutes.

Basic Plan


  • Carry Solo 401k, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and brokerage accounts
  • Security and compliance monitoring
  • On-demand courses and training
  • No AUM fees
  • 30-day refund guarantee

Pro Plan

$999 $499/year

Everything included in the Basic Plan, plus:

  • Custom financial plan
  • Access to “Ask an Advisor”
  • Ongoing support and updates to financial plan

Carry VIP


Everything included in the Pro Plan, plus:

  • Hands-on financial planning, execution, and investment advice
  • No-fee investment management and advice
  • Sourcing, vetting, and executing on boutique accredited investments

For business owners earning $200k+ in profit annually. Limited spots and by application only.

Try Carry for 30 days and if it isn’t for you, get fully refunded – no questions asked.

Trusted by top entrepreneurs, creators and money experts

“The process of opening a solo 401k used to be extremely complex, and you had to do most of the administration work yourself… I don’t normally get excited about retirement plans, but Carry is building something I’ve wanted to exist for a long time.”

Nate O’Brien

Investor & YouTuber

“There are now so many people who are self-employed, and Carry is building the perfect financial vehicle to help them turn their business income into generational wealth. [Carry] is so powerful and flexible that it feels like you’re getting access to a tax loophole.

Elizabeth Yin

Co-founder @ Hustle Fund

Social Squares

“Carry is the most intuitive experiences I’ve tried. I love how you can get set up and invest in just a few minutes. Every business owner, creator, and self-employed person should have one. The benefits and tax savings each year are a no-brainer.

Sebastian Fung

Owner, Ask Sebby

Why you need to use Carry

An all-in-one integrated platform

Carry is the easiest way to set up a solo 401k and start investing your money with tax-free compounding. You can open an account in under 10 minutes, and we take care of all paperwork and administration for you. No need to open separate brokerage accounts (unless you want to!) – it can all be done through your Carry account.†