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Carry VIP

The newest product from Carry for business owners making $200K+ in profit annually.

Carry VIP costs between $750/month and $1,600/month depending on proposal acceptance. It can be paid for by your business directly and is fully tax-deductible.

Carry VIP is hands-on wealth & tax advisory for your business and your family.

Investment Account Support

  • No-fee investment management for money on the Carry platform — typical services charge 0.5%-1.5% a year! Supported by our robo-advisor platform, or DIY.
  • Tax support: Our tax advisory team can help pick the right accounts to support your goals. They can also inform tax implications related to your investments.

Tax Filing (with a focus on tax planning)

For individuals and S-Corps

  • Analyze your past personal and business tax returns (Form 1040) and identify any opportunities for tax savings
  • Help you figure out business tax deductions and how to set it up in the best possible way to make tax filing as easy as possible
  • Identify which other tax-deferred accounts can make sense for your situation – including HSA’s, 529’s and more and help you set them up and execute strategy
  • Can work with your existing CPA or act as your primary one for tax filing

Business Advisory

  • Entity selection evaluation for optimal lifetime tax reduction
  • Help calculate the optimal amount to contribute to each type of retirement account and what tax status to use
  • Execution for advanced retirement tax planning strategies like the Backdoor Roth IRA and Mega Backdoor Roth 401k
  • Reasonable compensation and fringe benefit planning

Wealth Planning

  • Help calculate the optimal amount to contribute to each type of retirement account and what tax status to use
  • Net Worth and financial planning projections to ensure your business and personal wealth are on track
  • Quarterly check-ins, and the ability to contact / chat and speak with your planner at any time.
  • Fully refundable if you are not a fan of the service

“Can you help me understand some of the specific things you can do for me?”

Here’s an example of some very specific things we can help set up for you:

  • If you are a startup founder, we can help draft up an estate plan to maximize the value of the QSBS (Qualified Small Business Stock) exemption
  • If your business is sitting on a large amount of uninvested cash, we can help you devise and implement a strategy to invest it effectively.
  • If you are a high W-2 earner, we can help you or your spouse get involved in real estate if you are looking to offset taxes.
  • Our network is your network — if you are looking to recruit a CPA, or a fractional CFO, or someone to broker the sale of your business, we can help recruit the right team around you.
  • Set up a charitable remainder unitrust for you if you are looking at a large liquidity event
  • Create a self-directed IRA for you if you’d like to invest in private assets from a retirement account
  • If you are looking for allocation in a specific startup or business, we’ll help look for and secure that for you.

“I love this, but $1K a month is too expensive for me”

Carry VIP is intended to be a full-service and it’s specifically for people who want white glove treatment. It’s also a fully tax-deductible business expense.

“OK, I’m in. How can I apply?”

We will only be accepting a couple of new clients a month once. This is to better refine our offering. We also want to ensure every client has a phenomenal experience and they refer their friends.

If you’re interested, apply online and we’ll reach out to schedule a call if it’s a fit. If not, we’ll reach out when the timing is right!