Update #2 – September 2022

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Update #2 – September 2022

Sup fam,

Apologies in advance for the abhorrent ratio of numbers to words in this update, but the reality is we have no numbers to report yet. But fret not, we just launched an ugly handmade website (designed by yours truly) with a waitlist, so we’ll have something to report next month.

And more importantly, I now have dashboards to repeatedly refresh like a crackhead. Anyways, let’s dive in:

What We Do

Carry (carrymoney.wpenginepowered.com) exists to help business owners (creators, consultants, freelancers, independent workers) build wealth. The first product we are launching later this year is a fully managed Solo401k account with a smart investment product built into it. For more insight into our vision and strategy, read our manifesto.

September Updates

I forgot how exhilarating it is to build a product from scratch with a group of people equally passionate as you. Nothing quite like it. We moved into an office space in Williamsburg, and officially started building v1 this month. It’s been a good month overall:

  • Hiring has been going great. Meet my cofounders: AlejandroNick and Fahd. We’re almost at the finish line with another cofounder on the marketing / education side, but waiting for her to make it official.
  • We filed to become an RIA with the SEC last week – getting approved here is likely to be our biggest blocker before launch. We are signing with Drivewealth as a partner to help us build the brokerage stuff into our product.
  • We shipped an ugly website – we’ll wait till we have a better site before doing any kind of launch / PR, but wanted ~something~ so we could start building SEO and collecting qualified waitlist signups.
  • We started building our core product!

What’s Happening This Month

  • Build the core product – hoping to have something to share this time next month.
  • Finalize our partners, curriculum and shooting dates for the first ~3 courses for the education product that we hope to launch in parallel.
  • Complete building the founding team (see below)
  • Raising a small round from friends and operators that can be helpful to us.

How You Can Help

OK firstly, no one on this list is obligated to help in any way, shape or form. But if you are so inclined, here are a couple of things we need help with:

  • Still looking for a founding engineer and designer to build our core product – only looking for NYC-based candidates, or looking to relocate
  • If you are looking to open a solo401k before the end of the tax year, or know someone that is, can you please send them this form?

Until next month.