Update #13 – August 2023

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Update #13 – August 2023

Yooo –

August was solid. We did almost no marketing events and still grew MRR 35% m-o-m lead heavily by Carry Black. We also added a new Solo401k customer almost every day this month somewhat organically which bodes really well for the busy season.

New product development has slowed down a bit – partially, we’re blocked by some of our vendors moving slower than we’d like – but also because we’ve been spending a meaningful amount of time upgrading our core user experience.

With that said, our upcoming roadmap is pretty, pretttty fun so stay tuned.


MRR: $17,206 (+35%)
Customers: 524 (+4%)
AUM: <redacted> *
Runway: 20 months

* We made an adjustment to how we report AUM. Previously, it was the sum of all deposits – now it factors in the current asset value so fluctuates as the market does.

August Updates

  • Shipped lots of qualify of life improvements and design upgrades. Our new home screen is pretty, we’ve made it a lot easier to transfer money in between all the accounts hosted on platform, bring in assets from other brokerage websites, redone our financial plan intake experience & more.
  • We turned off a lot of the webinars since we saw higher than expected churn from those cohorts – we need to upgrade our financial plan experience slightly before pushing hard on them again.
  • We’ve been working with <redacted> on Carry Black – our done-for-you service for business owners that make $200K+ in profit. We’re sold out of the spots we have available since we want to scale slowly, but can see this being a huge driver for the business moving forward. Early results suggest every one of our beta customers will end up with massive improvements / tax savings where the program more than pays for itself.

What’s Happening Next Month

  • Hopefully making meaningful progress on our upcoming product roadmap. Some of the projects that are on deck: self-directed IRA’s, a native integration with a banking partner to make alternative investments better, a business cash management account and starting to make some parts of our financial plan experience self-serve.
  • Starting to productize some of Carry Black. Right now, it’s almost entirely a service that we want to build tech around. Our goal is to build tech around it and slowly add 1-2 new customers every single month.
  • I’m hosting a live workshop on September 14 for startup founders & executives on Lessons Learnt Scaling Teachable to $50M in Revenue – free to signup!

​How You Can Help

  • As we build out self-directed IRA’s, we’re looking for an integration partner / trust company to hold the assets – recommendations are welcome.
  • We’re also hoping to sign on with a BaaS partner for the Solo401k’s / self-directed IRA’s soon – midway through the process, but if there’s anyone we should look at, let us know.
  • If you know anyone self-employed in California or who filed an extension for 2022, it’s still not too late to get a tax deduction with a Solo401k. Details here.

Hope y’all have an incredible long weekend (sup from Vilnius) and let’s fkn get it this fall.

– Ankur