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Personal finance, engineered for
business owners & highly compensated employees.

Carry is a financial platform designed to help business owners & highly compensated employees manage their finances more effectively. Our platform includes financial education from leading money experts, access to a financial planner, and intuitive retirement plans, such as IRAs and Solo 401k. All of these features are included in one simple membership.

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Do you ever feel like you’re too busy working to focus on mastering your finances?

Maybe you’ve been thinking things like…

“I know that I need to setup my retirement and investment accounts but I’m worried that I’ll make a mistake and end up losing money or the process will take forever.

“I know I could be doing more to save for my future than just making contributions to my 401k or IRA, but I don’t even know where to start

“I feel stuck, overwhelmed, and procrastinate because it feels like everyone else is MILES ahead of me when it comes to understanding money”

“It seems like there are so many strategies and tips that I SHOULD know but I don’t have the fancy accountants or lawyers to point me in the right direction”

Introducing: Carry

Carry is everything you need to build wealth as an entrepreneur, freelancer, consultant or highly compensated employee.

Join today and unlock:

  • Educational content including Carry’s business & finance courses
    Dive into our premium courses and summit replays on tax planning, angel investing, business optimization, credit card hacks, and even how to obtain an O-1 visa to work in the US. All growing library of courses are accessible to all Carry members.
  • Access to Carry’s Solo 401k and IRAs  
    Explore retirement planning solutions tailor-made for entrepreneurs and business owners like you. If you’re a highly compensated employee, we’ll even help you get around the Roth IRA income limits through backdoor conversions.
  • Integrated investment platform
    Invest your retirement accounts in stocks and ETFs all without ever leaving the Carry dashboard. You can view all of your contributions, investments, and performance reports from one central dashboard.
  • A customized financial plan & access to your own financial advisor
    You’ll get 24/7 access to 1-on-1 consulting from an Carry financial advisor. You can ask them questions any time you need help or advice. Your financial advisor will also build you a personalized financial plan based on your current financial situation, goals, and preferred timeline.
  • No AUM fees with Carry Advisors
    Carry Advisors charges zero fees on assets under management. Experience full transparency and keep more of your money working for you. This includes our new 0% fee robo-advisor.
  • Full support from our team
    Our team is always readily available to help you with required documents, filings with the IRS, plan compliance, and even with account set up, rollovers, withdrawals, and anything else you might need assistance with.

What entrepreneurs say about using Ocho

Nate O’Brien Investor & YouTuber
“The process of opening a solo 401k used to be extremely complex, and you had to do most of the administration work yourself. Carry has built the modern version of the plan, adding in all the best features and offering full administration support. I don’t normally get excited about retirement plans, but Carry is building something I’ve wanted to exist for a long time.”
User: Carry Solo 401k Plan
Sebastian Fung Owner, Ask Sebby
“Carry is the most intuitive solo 401k experiences I’ve tried. I love how you can get set up and invest in just a few minutes. Every business owner, creator, and self-employed person should have one. The benefits and tax savings each year are a no-brainer.”
User: Carry Solo 401k Plan
Elizabeth Yin Co-founder @ Hustle Fund
“There are now so many people who are self-employed, and Carry is building the perfect financial vehicle to help them turn their business income into generational wealth. As a team of entrepreneurs, Carry understands the financial pain points of business owners on a deep level. The Carry Solo 401k is a retirement plan so powerful and flexible that it feels like you’re getting access to a tax loophole.”
User: Carry Solo 401k Plan

Carry is an annual membership that includes:

Solo 401k
Ownership of an Carry Solo 401k plan, contribute up to $66,000 for 2023, and invest in any asset class through your plan with tax-free compounding.

Access to Carry’s entire library of on-demand finance and business courses. Plus, join in on our live webinars and AMAs with guest experts.

Carry IRAs (Roth + Traditional)
You’ll get immediate access to both accounts on any plan.

Personalized Financial Plans
Access a custom financial plan built by our financial advisors for your specific financial situation and goals.

“Ask an Advisor”
Get advice from our team of financial experts whenever you have questions. You’ll get 24/7 access to ask unlimited questions.

Full Support
Onboarding, compliance, and tax-filing support. Get help from our world class support team any time you need assistance.

Do I qualify for a solo 401k if I’m an employee?

If you’re an employee, you can still open and contribute to a solo 401k if you have any side business or freelancing activity. The only requirement is that you don’t have full-time employees working in your business (besides your spouse). Whether you operate as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, you’re eligible even if you receive a 401k plan from your employer.

Start your Carry account

Carry is the ultimate hub for business owners & employees looking to learn how to manage and grow their money without the overwhelm.

Money is a tool, and we’re going to show you how to use it to feel in control, less stressed about your finances, and learn new strategies to double down on the areas that are most important to you.

Tax optimization strategies based on business types and scenarios

What type of business to set up (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp)

Trust and estate formation

The best ways to save and invest for retirement

Get access to our growing library of in-depth finance courses, taught by the world’s leading money experts and business founders.

Carry continuously adds new trainings to our hub on a regular basis that you can watch on-demand anytime you’d like. Here’s a small taste of what’s inside.

Tax Planning: How to Prepare for the Big Exit

Mani goes through tax planning strategies to help you reduce the taxes you may have to pay when you make your big exit as a founder or startup employee with equity.

Who is this ideal for?

Startup owners, employees, investors


Mani Mahadevan

Angel Investing 101

Learn how to be an angel investor and start with as little as $1000. Elizabeth will share how to pick companies, build your portfolio, create and maintain deal flow, and the biggest red flags and mistakes to avoid that most new angel investors make.

Who is this ideal for?

Business owners, investors


Elizabeth Yin

Taxes u0026amp; Accounting Foundations For Business Owners

Lorilyn Wilson, CPA, teach you how to properly set-up your business (from choosing the right business entity to creating a financial forecast) and the must-dos ALL business owners need to understand when it comes to preparing your taxes (including expenses, write-offs, and how-to lower your risk of being audited).

Who is this ideal for?

Business owners and startup founders


Lorilyn Wilson

Mastering the Art of Credit Card Points + Miles

Unlock the full potential of credit card rewards with this comprehensive course on points and miles. Learn the essentials of optimizing your credit card usage, maximizing reward earnings, and strategically redeeming points for travel, experiences, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to transform your everyday spending into a world of opportunities.

Who is this ideal for?

All business owners


Sebastian Fung (@AskSebby)

Start a Business to Sponsor Your US Visa

Embark on the journey of entrepreneurship while achieving your dream of living and working in the United States. By the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge and tools needed to launch your business, sponsor your US visa, and build a successful future in the land of opportunity. Don’t let the complexities of immigration and entrepreneurship hold you back.

Who is this ideal for?

International business owners, founders


Logan Ullyott

But it’s more than just training.

As part of your membership, you’ll also get access to…

Carry Solo 401k

The most powerful retirement plan for business owners. Contribute up to $66,000 and invest in any asset class through your solo 401(k) plan.

Carry Traditional IRA

A smart pre-tax account for individuals. Contribute and get a tax deduction up to $6,500 for 2023.

Carry Roth IRA

Our intuitive Roth IRA lets you invest up to $6,500 in post-tax income and enjoy tax-free withdrawals in retirement.


Carry is your all-in-one platform.

View and manage all of your accounts, savings, and investments from one central dashboard.

Keep track of all your contributions, make investments using our integrated brokerage, and get a detailed overview of your portfolio performance.

Join Carry today!

Basic Plan ($399 $299/year)

Carry Solo 401k Plan

Carry IRAs (Traditional + Roth)

Security & compliance monitoring, full onboarding support and account administration assistance.

On-demand courses uploaded regularly on a variety of personal + business finance topics

Live events with financial guest experts, both workshops and AMA style conversations

Professional Plan ($999 $499/year)

Carry Solo 401k Plan

Carry IRAs (Traditional + Roth)

Security & compliance monitoring, full onboarding support and account administration assistance.

On-demand courses uploaded regularly on a variety of personal + business finance topics

Live events with financial guest experts, both workshops and AMA style conversations

Plus: Personalized financial plan

Plus: Access to “Ask an Advisor”

Which plan is right for me?

Both plans come with access to all of Carry’s courses, retirement plans, account support, and educational events like webinars, AMAs, and workshops with industry professionals.

The Professional Plan comes with 24/7 access to your very own financial advisor, in addition to a personalized financial plan built specifically for you. Considering it can cost thousands of dollars to hire a financial planner for the same services, we definitely recommend the Professional Plan if you want a more personalized, guided experience.

💰 By joining today, you’ll lock in these discounted rates for life and your plan will renew annually at the price you sign up with, even if we raise our fees in the future.

Carry was started by entrepreneurs who understand how difficult it can be when you’re starting to learn how to operate, manage, and maximize your finances.

We’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way, and now have access to incredible mentors and want to make learning about finances accessible.

Meet some of the founders

Jess Catorc


Jess Catorc, a co-founder at Carry, is an award-winning brand strategist that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and startups expand their reach and revenue online. Supporting entrepreneurs has been at the core of her mission and she’s seen that it’s often not the “idea” that makes or breaks a business but rather their understanding of finances. This inspired her to start creating content for business owners and joining Carry to continue these efforts.

Ankur Nagpal


After selling his last startup, Teachable, Ankur learned a lot about money he didn’t know as a first-generation immigrant and entrepreneur, including tax & estate planning strategies. He began Tweeting about his learnings, and it resonated with so many entrepreneurs who were hungry for this information, but also found it difficult to access. This led him to start Carry to make personal and business finance strategies attainable and accessible for everyone.

Questions before joining?

Who is this content and membership for?

If you’re hungry to learn more about managing and growing your money as a business owner (even if you consider yourself “bad” with finances or get overwhelmed or confused), this is your community! We will be covering a wide variety of topics to help those that are just starting out build the foundations and more advanced content to help support you as you progress along your journey or for those that are ready to dive in.

No questions asked money-back guarantee

You can try out Carry for 30 days and if you feel it isn’t right for you, we have a no questions asked refund policy.

Join Carry, risk-free.