Update #8 – March 2023

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Update #8 – March 2023


March was a mixed bag.

As we warned, it was a slowww month of growth (10% m-o-m) since we did basically nothing to grow and don’t have enough built-in demand yet to grow if we don’t push. But, it was a great month in terms of figuring out where we are going, solidifying our product roadmap and expect April to be a banger.

Revenue (Cash Basis): $7,673 (-69%, not nice)
MRR: $5,159 (+10%)
Customers: 292 (+8%)
AUM: <redacted>

March Updates

  • We had our first team offsite in Mexico City! Aside from Montezuma getting his revenge on a good percentage of the team, it was a great time & we left with a clear idea of what we need to accomplish in the coming quarter.
  • We rolled out investing to all current Solo401k users – early feedback has been great, and we breezed past our first $1M in AUM.
  • After launching a few hand-selected ETF’s, we quickly expanded to allow our customers to invest in any publicly listed stock or ETF – and are working on adding more investment options.

What’s Happening This Month

  • We have our first live, online conference on April 27 – it’s called Independent Money, and it’s going to be sick. We have 30+ baller speakers talking about earning, managing & investing their money as an independent along with some brand sponsors. We’re hoping to have 20,000 people sign up and strongly encourage y’all to sign up and spread the good word.
  • We’re expanding beyond Solo401k’s and rapidly! It’s a bit of a rush, but we’re hoping to launch IRA’s (regular & Roth) in time for our event + along with the ability to get help from a financial advisor to build a more well-rounded product. Can’t wait to share more when we have it.
  • We’re announcing our seed fundraise next week. We’ve been looking into becoming a broker-dealer, which takes real money, so there’s a world where we look at raising a round as early as May.

How You Can Help

  • Want to move over your IRA to us? We’d super appreciate it
  • Please sign up for Independent Money and share the event! It’s a free, one-day event that will be jam packed with value.
  • I’ll reach out when our fundraise press is live, would appreciate any amplification then.

– Ankur

P.S. Here’s a picture of the Carry team at what was quite likely the scene of the crime <3