The 2023 Guide to Paying Less In Taxes

A complete guide for professionals and high W-2 earners to pay less in taxes for 2023.

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What’s Inside?

The tax code is complicated and inaccessible — it grows by 150,000 words per year!

This goal of this book is to bring this “hard to find” knowledge and make it accessible to all working professionals and W-2 income earners. It’s packed with the biggest tax saving strategies that you can implement for the 2023 tax year. Everything mentioned in this book is not only legal, but in most cases, heavily incentivized by the US government. Everyone who goes through this book should find at least one or two things that will save them money in taxes this year.

Strategies for Everyone

From capital gains and itemized deductions with charitable contributions to retirement accounts and HSAs. These tax strategies are available to all US tax payers.

Strategies for Business Owners

We added a section dedicated to businesses to show you how the US tax code heavily favors business owners, and to encourage you to start your own side hustle, freelancing gig, or business and take advantage of these yourself.

Strategies for Solar & Real Estate

The tax savings that come from solar investments and real estate can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. You’ll learn exactly how it works and how you can get started yourself.