Your personal finances
(analyzed & automated)

Carry helps modern professionals (from business owners to full-time employees) get personalized advice to help them better manage and optimize their money.

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If you’ve ever felt too busy or stressed to think about your finances,
Carry was made for you.

Carry has made it SOOOO easy to get started and feel secure in a plan moving forward. Working with [Carry] has been unbelievably helpfuland my advisor was patient with me throughout the entire process with ALL of my endless questions.”

– Mikaela U. (Carry customer)

“Thanks so much. I reviewed my financial plan and it provided a lot of guidance and things to think about in terms of my long-term goals

– Sherrell D. (Carry customer)

Why do people love Carry?

It’s like having your own team of financial experts and “doers” (without the cost) helping you manage your money.

Get Matched With a Financial Advisor
(No % fees or biased advice)

Gain direct access to your own financial advisor: send questions anytime via email, request updated plans with any status changes, and receive expert guidance on pivotal decisions, like whether to buy a house or how to best optimize your retirement contributions for taxes

Only available on the Pro plan

Receive Your Own Custom Financial Plan
(Ongoing + tailored to your unique situation)

Discover our tailored financial plan designed for you and your household. It integrates your business, full-time job, and all income streams, while also evaluating your lifestyle and retirement objectives.

Only available on the Pro plan

Retirement & Investment Accounts
(No AUM fees and get setup in minutes)

Experience our financial platform where you can set up Solo401k & IRAs, gain access to a robo-advisor, all without any AUM fees.

Learn More With Our Money Courses
(On-demand training with experts)

Dive into our comprehensive Carry course library, featuring topics from credit card points and estate planning for founders to small business accounting and beyond.

What they’re saying about Carry…

The process of opening a solo 401k used to be extremely complex, and you had to do most of the administration work yourself… I don’t normally get excited about retirement plans, but Carry is building something I’ve wanted to exist for a long time.

Nate O’Brien (Investor & YouTuber)

There are now so many people who are self-employed, and Carry is building the perfect financial vehicle to help them turn their business income into generational wealth. [Carry] is so powerful and flexible that it feels like you’re getting access to a tax loophole.

Elizabeth Yin (Co-founder @ Hustle Fund)

Social Squares

Carry is the most intuitive experiences I’ve tried. I love how you can get set up and invest in just a few minutes. Every business owner, creator, and self-employed person should have one. The benefits and tax savings each year are a no-brainer.

Sebastian Fung (Owner, Ask Sebby)

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Carry PRO



✓ Carry Solo 401k Plan

✓ Carry IRAs (Traditional + Roth)

✓ Security & compliance monitoring

✓ On-demand courses + training

✓ 30-day refund guarantee

✓ Custom financial plan

✓ Access to “Ask an Advisor”

✓ On-going support and updates to financial plan

Discount deadline: Aug. 31, 2023

Questions before joining?

Who is this content and membership for?

If you’re hungry to learn more about managing and growing your money as a business owner (even if you consider yourself “bad” with finances or get overwhelmed or confused), this is your community! We will be covering a wide variety of topics to help those that are just starting out build the foundations and more advanced content to help support you as you progress along your journey or for those that are ready to dive in.