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Discover the smart way to grow your net worth with our all-in-one solution for tax optimization. From Solo 401ks to Self-directed IRAs, invest across a wide range of assets including stocks, ETFs, and alternative investments.

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Discover our curated library of premium personal finance courses. Tailored for business owners like you, these courses cover everything from tax-saving strategies to mastering credit card points and investing.

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Stuck on taxes? Have questions around retirement accounts or anything in between? Our weekly live calls connect you directly with experts and the Carry team, ensuring you're never left in the dark.

Pro plan members will also receive custom financial plans and access to message a dedicated financial planner. ◊

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We want everyone to have the opportunity to see if Carry is the right fit for them. That's why you can try Carry for 30 days and if it isn't for you, let us know and you'll get fully refunded - no questions asked.


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What They're Saying

Cheryl Kellond
Cheryl Kellond@XXfounder
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I am in *heaven* @carryhq_ . Payroll deduction to my solo 401k and then automatically invested.

You solved the use case that matters most. 🙏🏽 If I wasn't running my own startup, I'd want to work with you all.

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More people should know about Carry.
Sohail Sikora
Sohail Sikora@abbrevtalk
Read More
I set one up but haven’t funded it yet. Setup was the easiest onboarding experience ever.
David Paluy
David Paluy@dpaluy
Read More
I’m a happy user and being their client over a year. Both me and my wife have our Solo401K there
Jill Soley
Jill Soley@Jillsoley
Read More
Seriously, these @carryhq_ guys, suuuper patient and helpful w/ my stupid Qs
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The team @carryhq_ just found an extra $1,500 tax bonus that more than pays for their service over the next 3 years.

I’ve paid an accountant for 15 years (luv ya Alan) and I’ve never felt someone looks out for my self-employed interests like Carry Money

Matt Litovitz
Matt Litovitz@MattLitovitz
Read More
Carry is my favorite product of the year. Game changer !
Austin Hankwitz
Austin Hankwitz@austinhankwitz
Read More
Major shoutout to my tax strategist Caroline from @carryhq_ — we got connected after I signed up for their “VIP” product (a few hundred $$$ per year).

She crafted for me a 32-page tax and financial plan that outlined insurance, retirement, and how to achieve my my LT goals.

Johnny Quach
Johnny Quach@JohnnyQuachy
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My financial advisor so far Is Dope!
Eli Weiss
Eli Weiss@eliweisss
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The coolest thing I've seen today
Kudos, @ankurnagpal and @carryhq_ squad!👏
FreeThinking Paul
FreeThinking Paul@PaulDamalie
Read More
I really love the Angel investing 101 course by @dunkhippo33 on @carryhq_. Straight to the point, simple to understand basic concepts and sharing personal and relatable experiences.


1. Choose a Carry Plan

Carry is our all-in-one platform for tax-advantaged accounts, investments and strategy for business owners. 

The Carry Solo 401k gives business owners the largest tax advantages of any retirement plan. Contribute up to $69,000 and invest in any asset class with tax-free compounding.


If you own a business or have a side hustle (with no employees), you’re likely eligible for a Solo 401k. Dollar for dollar, this beats out every retirement account in size and flexibility:

  • Up to a $69,000 tax deduction ($76,500 if over 50)
  • Tax-free growth and compounding
  • Invest in any asset class you like
  • Supports Roth contributions, including Mega Backdoor Roth
  • Borrow from your plan at any time

We’ve built a brokerage within every Carry account, allowing you to invest in stocks or ETFs without incurring any AUM fees.


Not sure what to invest in? Our Automated accounts create a smart portfolio tailored to your age and risk tolerance.


Simply set up a recurring contribution, and we’ll handle everything else. Plus, the cash in your account is FDIC insured and your securities are safeguarded by SIPC, up to their respective limits.

Unlike traditional brokerages, Carry lets you to use your retirement dollars to invest in a variety of alternative assets. This includes crypto, real estate, private companies, venture and private equity funds, and more.


You can also use tax-advantaged Roth accounts to compound your wealth by investing in these assets directly from your IRA or Solo 401k.


* Pro plan only

The Eligible Automatic Contribution Arrangements (EACA) is a small business tax credit offering $1,500 in tax credits to anyone with a Solo 401k Plan with auto-contributions enabled.


This means that you can set up a Solo 401k Plan with Carry, with auto-contributions enabled, and receive $500/year in tax credits for the first 3 plan years. 

Another perk of being a business owner! Your Carry plan subscription is also an eligible business expense for your taxes.

With Carry, the cash in your account is FDIC insured and your securities are safeguarded by SIPC, up to their respective limits.

Bonus #1

Premium Courses Hub

Get access to our library of premium personal finance courses tailored specifically for you as a business owners. Learn powerful tax saving strategies, how to master credit card points & miles, investing, and more!

Bonus #2

Business of One Summit Recordings

Catch up on the events you missed or watch your favorites, any time you’d like. Get access to all of these and all previous summit sessions. 

bonus #3

Live Weekly Q&A Calls

Have questions around taxes, retirement planning, or anything in-between? As a Carry customer, you’ll also unlock live weekly calls with various experts and the Carry team.


Custom Financial Plan & Chat with a Planner ◊

If you join Carry’s Pro plan, you’ll also get access to a custom financial plan and ability to chat with a financial planner directly in the platform! ◊

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